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What is it about the middle of August that turns the radar on for us hunters? It is still summer, the weather is still hot and the days are still long. The leaves are still green, the grass still needs mowed (unless it is crunchy and brown like mine) and the kids are not yet back in school.

I don’t know the answer, but what I can tell you, is the radar is turned on for a lot of hunters already. We see it here at TenPoint with the number of phone calls and emails. It starts to ramp up after the Fourth of July holiday weekend, but when you hit mid-August; it shifts into a whole different gear.

I’m affected too; my radar has turned on. I realized it when I was driving by a field not far from my house. The field sits at the edge of town near the Akron-Canton airport and I drive by it nearly every day. I see deer there on a regular basis. Just this past weekend (August 14th) I drove by the field and looked to my right and saw a buck and two does. As if on autopilot, I made a sharp left and pulled into the parking lot that sits directly across from the field. I found myself counting the points on the buck, which was only a six point, and watching all three closely as they grazed at the edge of the woods. About five minutes later, three more does walked out from the left side of the field. After a few more minutes, I headed home, but had that longing to be sitting in a tree stand at the edge of that field… any field for that matter.

When I came to work the following Monday, I had several emails from customers and there were trail cam pictures attached. I could tell I was not the only person whose radar had switched on.

I find it interesting that we, as hunters can’t wait for that cool late October or early November day when the bucks seem to just “turn on”, when we ourselves have had that same thing happen a month or so prior. As a kid, I grew up pheasant hunting, which I now dearly miss living in Ohio. I remember each year a few weeks before season opened, my dad and I would hop in the car and go out scouting, just driving the chalk roads of western Kansas looking for pheasants and quail. Thinking back, I’m sure this was my dad’s radar switching on before the season too.

I hope, with the passage of more crossbow states this year, that more hunters’ radar will be kicking on. Hunters from OK, MD, NC, DE and now all of MI will be able to use crossbows during the archery season. In those states are hunters who have never had the opportunity to sit in the woods during archery season. There will also be some older guys who have not been hunting in many years that will be back out in the woods. I think, most importantly, there will be new hunters, experiencing the radar switching on for the first time and the drive to be out in the woods will be something they remember for a long time. Those hunters, both new and old, will be joining an ever growing segment of the hunting population using the crossbow.

It also appears that there are several states already lining up changes for the 2011 hunting season. On the “possible” list are NY, IN, IL, MO, FL, MS and MN. That is a fairly long list this early in the year. I am sure there will be some of those states that opt to make no changes, but there is a good possibility that there will be another state or two that sees the light and realizes that crossbows are a great hunting tool to add in the archery season.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 12:09 AM
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